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Annette Platten has set in motion that all her breeding stock will now be Reigistered with TICA ( The international Cat Authority) Based in the USA. This has come about because the body I chose to continue my Australian Membership has chosen to Ban the breeding of Scottish folds, Due to concerns over “pain and suffering” experienced in the breeding of Scottish folds, due to the mutant gene that is responsible for the curl in the ears or “fold” of the ears as they are referred to in general.
Annette Platten makes the following statement in response.

Annette J Platten has been a breeder of Scottish Folds both Long and Shorthair since 1964 I have endevered to breed Happy Healthy kittens bred from the approved outcross to the Scottish Fold, The British Shorthair, I have increased the size in my kittens
by continuous Breeding of the Fold with the British. This will continue, whilst I am still on this Earth. I am 77 years now and my cats and other animals are my life. I have never knowingly put the welfare of my cats at risk by unauthorised breeding.e.g Fold x Fold Breeding and I resent the inference by any Cat Society that it is neccesary to ban a breed of cats to stop unauthorised breeding. To that End I will now be Registering my cats with Overseas Registering Bodies that will welcome my knowledge as a Breeder who has worked Dilligently to improve my Scottish Folds to Ensure Healthy Happy Kittens “My Crime” it seems was falling in love with Scottish Folds and wanting to breed them to improve the breed with very selective breeding that continues to this day. Annette J Platten. August 2023.

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Annette Platten – Tobias Cattery

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Annette sold me my precious furbaby who is perfect in every way. so grateful every day.

Seagull Sandy

Pet Owner

Absolutely wonderful animals. My husband and I have been dealing with Annette for 15 years and have had the pleasure of three of Annette’s beautiful cats.

Pauline Studham

Pet Owner