Choosing a Kitten

Choosing a Kitten

After contact by either email or phone, a deposit is required to secure your kitten. Full details are required so that Annette can ensure you get the Breed, Colour and Sex of the kitten you desire, as well as your second choice.

After deposit is reviewed, we will update you as each litter arrives, and if you are choosing a Scottish fold there is a wait of around 5 weeks after birth to see which kittens’ ears fold.

The theory is that as you are mating to British, you should get 50/50, but there have been litters where none have folded, and other litters where all have folded… so much for the 50/50 theory.

All kittens are raised inside as part of the family and are well socialised. When kittens are 5 weeks, you are invited to come and choose. Interstate and international buyers are provided with as many photos as needed to assist you to choose your perfect kitten.

Tobias also provides buyers with bonding sessions after immunisations, and these are held on Saturday afternoons or by arrangement at other times… there is no charge for these sessions.

Kittens come to you with all of the vet work done so all you have to do is take your new baby home and enjoy.

Full written instructions are provided, and all kittens come with a Health and Temperament Guarantee. Everything you need to know about your kitten is provided, as well as a Gift bag from Annette and a Whiskas gift bag.

Kittens are ready to leave the cattery at 12 weeks.

Please remember to bring a kitten carrier, as kittens cannot leave if you don’t bring one.

Delivery to Melbourne is $50. 

Annette will personally deliver all kittens to the airlines and do the changeover of cages for interstate buyers. Due to the additional time and costs involved in this service there is a $120 charge but that may be discounted if we are shipping more than one kitten. Interstate flights are at buyers expense.
For International buyers, pre-shipping quarantine is available as per each country’s requirements, and costs for this service will be negotiated prior to sale of the cat or kitten being

Tobias will be flexible regarding delivery and pickup times.

For local buyers, it is recommended to collect the kitten on a Friday, then you will have the whole weekend together.